3 Great Reasons to Have a Small Wedding or Elope

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Our couples LOVE the fact that getting married is so easy at the Tuscany Gallery. Yes, they love the fact that while it is all inclusive, they still have the ability to customize their bridal bouquet, ceremony readings and cake design.  But there is a lot more to the beauty and simplicity of a Tuscany Gallery Wedding.  And our adventurous couples enjoy the flexibility of total creativity.

Reason #1:  They don’t have to stress out about planning the perfect larger wedding/reception.  No hours and hour spent addressing and designing invitations with envelopes, no days spent visiting and getting quotes from florists and comparing one to another, and no more money wasted on meals for people you haven’t seen in years, and hardly know.  Time is spent being together and having fun.

Reason #2:  Forget about family dramas.  You don’t have to please certain family members, and you don’t have to invite all the family members.  You save money and have a much better time by inviting the people that mean something to you, and people that you care about.

Reason #3:  Take all that money you are saving and buy a house or plan a honeymoon trip to a favorite destination – could be Italy or Paris with the money you save!

A marriage is just really all about the two of you coming together as a couple.

How to Elope Right Here in St. Louis/St.Charles at The Tuscany Gallery

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How to Elope Right Here in St. Louis/St.Charles at The Tuscany Gallery

Today’s elopements are no longer like the old “run away”, find a judge and tie the knot, or say “I Do” at City Hall.

There are several ways couples elope at Tuscany Gallery:

The simply “I DO” brief ceremony is quick, easy, and very inexpensive.  It can happen any day of the week.  You can wake up on Monday and say, “Let’s get married”.  You get your license (up to 30 days in advance at any county in Missouri) and give us a call to perform your ceremony.  That’s it.  You need two witnesses, but we will help you take care of that.  You can bring family or friends, but usually it’s just the two of you.


Some couples plan their “elopement” a few weeks or months in advance.  Some brides buy a bridal gown, the groom may dress in a suit, and they generally invite their closest friends and family.  It’s like a small wedding with flowers, cake, and sometimes a light reception meal as well.  Lots of couples who have been married before love this small, intimate wedding (elopement) and lots of couples with children from previous marriages like this as well.  It’s a special event, practical in price, and memorable to make it fun.


If you’re not a big planner, or don’t have the time to plan a big wedding, eloping or a small, intimate wedding is so simple.  Everything is done for you except to plan what you are going to wear, the license, and the rings.  Many of our packages include champagne, a wedding cake, and beautiful bridal bouquets & boutonnieres.  Some include a reception with catered meal.

Typical Bridal Bouquet as Part of the Tuscany Gallery Small Wedding Service.
Typical Bridal Bouquet as Part of the Tuscany Gallery Small Wedding Service.
2 Layer Cake at Tuscany Gallery is included.

Some couples choose to have a party after their ceremony and schedule a dinner celebration at a favorite restaurant.

So, are you eloping or having a small wedding?  It just depends on the size of your event, but every event at Tuscany Gallery is easy and stress free, plus you have a beautiful venue that resembles an Italian Garden, so all the beautiful décor is there for you – no boring banquet room or city hall office.   (And, no extra expense as well!)

Tuscany Gallery is all about Intimate, Beautiful Small Weddings & Elopements.

First Wedding of the Year 1/1/17

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We celebrated our first Jewish Wedding at The Tuscany Gallery on 1/1/17 and what a great way to start the year. Congratulations to Barbara and Dan. We are happy and grateful that we got to help them start their new life as Mr. & Mrs. They were joined by about 40 of their family members and friends. One of the things that set us apart from other ceremony venues is what is all included – great photography, a beautiful location, cake, flowers, music, and coordination. We provide our couples with a stress-free day so that they can truly enjoy their day.

Valentine’s Day Special

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Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for a small, romantic, yet beautiful wedding. It’s not too late!

Skip the expense and craziness of a big wedding and take advantage of Tuscany Gallery’s Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Elopement Special. Book your SPECIAL SWEETHEART PACKAGE on either Feb. 11th, 12th (Saturday & Sunday) or on Tuesday, the 14th (Valentine’s Day).

Just $295 – that’s almost 50% off the regular rate!

Beautiful Tuscany Gallery makes your wedding a wonderful, special memory. All inclusive – so it’s easy! Officiant, photography, flowers and more!

The Valentine’s Day Special gives you:

Tuscany Gallery for 1 Hour
Up to 10 Guests
OFFICIANT w/Short & Sweet Ceremony
FRESH Red Rose Bouquet & Matching Boutonniere
PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAIT with 10 min. photo session.
MUSIC for Ceremony
Sparking Grape Juice Toast

Availability is very limited so contact us today at 636-877-2788 (Tuscany Gallery), 636-345-1945 (cell) or email us at weddings@TuscanyGallery&Events.com to reserve your date and time. Payment must be made at the time you book your reservation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get married in a beautiful venue with all the special details as well.

We offer Off Premise Photography for Larger Receptions

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One of the many great features about the Tuscany Gallery is that you can opt to have just your ceremony at The Tuscany Gallery and follow up with a larger reception at a venue/home of your choice.  Our photographer is available to capture those moments, as well, keeping a consistent look and feel to your wedding.  Jamie and Tyler did just that with a home reception on their farm.   Some amazing moments were captured that evening as they continued their celebration.










We are almost ready!

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If you are interested in a Simple, Intimate Exchange of Vows right here in the St. Louis area, you’ve come to the right place! You can exchange your vows at our new Tuscany Gallery and Event Space or any of the local parks in our area.

Say “I DO’ in an unforgettable venue that’s easy on the budget. The Tuscany Gallery is perfect for a small group of family and friends. You can enjoy the romantic candlelight of an Italian Courtyard at night INDOORS . Experience your ceremony in an inspired room with lots of greenery, a four-tier water fountain, plus lots of open space for guests to mingle. Opening September 1, 2016 reserv
ations are now being accepted. From a simple elopement to a small wedding – let’s make it happen.



Outdoor Locations for Your Elopement

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Recently we had a future bride ask about outdoor places with gazebos or gardens that could be used for wedding ceremonies.  (She was looking for FREE or almost free!) I can’t believe we haven’t written about this.  So – I tossed together some locations that come to mind.  We, of course, would love to hear any additional suggestions from you that we can share with our readers. (more…)

Creative Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding

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20+ Ideas to Personalize Your  Wedding

I am going to start you off with 20+ ideas to personalize your wedding, and by the time you get to the bottom of this list, you will have probably thought of several things as well.  Here we go:


Dress doors and entrances with flower garlands and fabric swags.

Have a garden wedding and hang lanterns lit by candles from sturdy branches.  At night keep guests warm by setting up ceramic chimineas (small outdoor firepots) or bring in a fire pit.

Food Stations – South Sea Island Menu & Drinks, Mexican Station, Sushi Bar, Mashed Potato Bar, Salad Bar, Pasta Bar — anything goes.

Order your own wedding Converse shoes as dancing shoes for the reception.

Don’t number the reception tables – name them after your favorite places, pets, travel destinations, movies, songs, etc.

Add a line for a DJ song request to your RSVP cards.   (Image blogs.mspmag.com)

Brand your wedding with a logo or monogrammed initials that are displayed everywhere – napkins, favors, etc.

Pick wedding colors that mean something to you.  Cardinal Fan – it’s definitely Red.  Missouri Tiger fan – go for that Black and Gold.  You get the idea.

Why not choose a getaway vehicle to compliment your theme – Humvee limo, antique Rolls Royce, Motorcycle & Side Car, any 30s – 40s or 50s car, London style double decker bus, or just an old yellow school bus.  If you are getting married by the water, think about a boat for your getaway.

Serve your drinks on “My Two Cents” coasters.  (Image – bhldn.com).  Order at bhldn.com.

Choose a venue that fits your theme – Moto Museum in downtown St. Louis has over 50 antique motorbikes, Kemp Auto Museum.  Like animals?  Check out the Zoo.  If you like to garden – there are lots of choices like Missouri Botanical Garden, the Lily Pond at Tower Grove Park, or the Jewel Box

Pick an unconventional start time – like 5:12 – the exact time that you first meet, or when he proposed.

Create a signature drink.  Check out www.stirrings.com to find drinks that match your wedding’s theme and color.   Have bartenders rim guests’ glasses with salt or sugar in your wedding colors.  Want to conjure us some glamour…add a fountain that gushes champagne or your speciality drink.

Love vintage.  Rent vintage china, linen and décor.  Choose flowers that reflect the period like lavender, jasmine, etc.  Mix and match seating options using couches and chairs with pillows.

Bottle your own wine complete with romantic custom labels.  Serve at the reception or give as gifts.

For a great departure, provide sparkers for guests.

Love to dance?  Jitterswing the night away.  Be sure to pick a band that plays your favorite 50s, 60s, 70s tunes.

Elegant invitations are appropriate for elegant weddings.  But if your wedding theme is designed around a theme that shouts “YOU”, make the invitation appropriate to the theme.  For example, if you both love western movies and horses, and plan to have a barn wedding – send something more appropriate to the theme.   Perhaps send a red bandanna and invite your guest to dress appropriately.  Ask your guest to wear their favorite boots and western hat.

Put a guest book next to the photo booth.  Ask guests to make an additional photo to paste in the guest book.   They can add their personal message on that page as well.

Serve up decadent chocolate truffles, custard from Ted Drewes, or popsicles spiked with liquor.

Ask your videographer to set up a stationary camera and let guests record messages – a video guest book.

Hire specialty musical performers for a brief performance at the reception – conga players, banjo, and even a bagpiper.   It adds a lot of excitement to the evening.

Let everyone have a good time – set up blackjack and casino card game tables.

Give guests the words to your first dance and let the guests serenade you as you dance.

And finally, serve the super popular, tiny white castle hamburgers at 11pm before your guests leave.


Wow, the ideas are endless.  So, we want to know what you are planning to make your wedding special. Send us your ideas now, and we will be posting them during the month – both on our blog and on our Facebook page.   Everyone who submits their ideas will receive a complimentary ticket to our January 24th, 2016 bridal show at The Christy Banquet Center.

A Beautiful Setting for Your Wedding

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Get married in a beautiful setting that resembles an Italian Courtyard at night with a four tier water fountain, indoor gardens and string lights. Such a romantic location with candles and uplighting as well.

The European tradition of formal fountains lives on in this sophisticated, garden fountain whose cascading tiers, featuring lion heads, lend soothing water music. Water cascades from an acanthus urn crown and gently flows from each lion’s head in dramatic cascades of sound. Enjoy the soft shimmer and sensuous tone of the splashing spray as this fountain takes its place as a magnificent centerpiece of our interior courtyard.



A smart alternative to the large wedding.

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Whether you’re overwhelmed by the thought of planning a large-scale wedding or you’re on a tight budget, eloping and small weddings are the route to “I do” that many couples are taking these days. It can take the pressure away from the planning and allow you to better enjoy the sentiment of the ceremony. Not only does it ease responsibilities, it can also cost a whole lot less.

Tuscany Gallery & Events will offer the PERFECT place for your small, intimate ceremony and you can follow this up with a reception for up to 50 guests!
We make your wedding affordable and elegant! Watch for more news about Our Grand Opening in September!